Membership Dues Increase

To all,

My wife and I are absolutely disgusted at the increase in our membership dues on our unimproved property in Angel Fire Resort.  We bought the land to build on in 10 years after both of us retire from the US Air Force.  Because of this gross increase in membership dues, it is no longer fiscally possible for us to keep the land.  I cannot and will not understand how the board can justify charging a property owner $1000+ in membership dues who lives on a different continent and is not using ANY of the so-called benefits of such membership.  It is absurd and you are driving out potential future neighbors becuase of poor decision making by the board members.  My wife and I will continue to serve and protect your freedoms so you can live in your “little world” and enjoy the “free lunch” we unimproved property owners are providing you $1087 at a time.  Our property is going up for sale… and unfortunately for 2 combat war veterens, we are the ones who get to suffer.


Mr. & Mrs. Future USAF Retirees 

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