It is about that time of year again, weather is in the 60’s and the snow is only left under the shade trees. I didn’t send an email last year, because we got busy so early in the season, but then people wondered if we were still in town. So yes, still in Angel Fire and still in business! Last year we did streamline, and it was just Evan and I washing windows, which wasn’t too bad because quality was easy to maintain since I didn’t have to double check near as many windows as with past new recruits. We will be continuing with this game plan this year, the only downside is that we can no longer handle 4 houses a day like in the past. Last year it created some minor scheduling delays at the beginning of June, but other than that we kept things rolling smoothly. To try and avoid the minor hiccup with scheduling, I am sending out the spring email again to at least get dates penciled in for those that have an idea of when they will be coming back up. If you have an idea of time frame you would like to get the windows cleaned, let me know and I will put it on the calendar (The week before Memorial Day has already filled up). It is okay if you need to cancel when the time gets closer, there was always someone willing to take canceled spots, and if the rarity occurs and we actually get to take a day off in the middle of the season then we are happy about that also!

This year there is a slight price increase of $0.25 per window on everything except the maintenance cleans which will be staying the same.

Interior/exterior will be $11.00 per window

Exterior only will be $7.00 per window

Maintenance cleans stay $4.75 per window

Thank you for our 8th year in Angel Fire!

Brett Brogdon

Maverick Powerwashing LLC.

575 595-4017