Haven’t Village officials done enough damage already by publicly declaring Vail Loop and other areas of Angel Fire “High Fire Threat Areas?” This action alone puts Angel Fire home owners at risk of loosing their homeowners insurance!

Please encourage Wildfire committee members, Village council members and Mayor Cottam to adopt a Breckenridge type voluntary wildfire plan.

If they must vote for another fire ordinance, make it something sensible that considers all factors, environmental, forest health, sustainability, and property value aesthetics. Property surrounded by native forest should have different laws than property in the open north sections of the Village. Business property like the Centro Plaza needs different laws than property surrounded by native forest. Country Club subdivision property with small lots need different laws. Golf Course property needs different laws.

Unless factors like these are included in any new laws, they will create more problems in the Village than they will solve, as evidenced by the oppositional turnout at the last council and committee meetings. Opposition will only increase as more property owners become aware of the specific impact on their property.

Please ask wildfire committee members to schedule committee visits to the various areas of the Village and asses specific impact on sample group properties within the very different areas of our community.