Hi everyone,

You probably know the election for Angel Fire Mayor and 2 councilors is March 6. Many of you aren't residents of Angel Fire and not eligible to vote in the election, but you all have friends here. I encourage you to look at Janet Sailor's website below, and assuming you like what you read, pass her website address along to your voter friends.



After looking at another website of Janet's http://whatarewethinking.net, we met with her last weekend.  I'm convinced she would work tirelessly to fix Angel Fire – balance our budget and operate within our means, set sensible priorities, and shed so much light and have so many all inclusive community meetings, that everyone would know everything about what's going on. Pat and I both think she would be that welcome and much needed breath of fresh air for Angel Fire, and are supporting her for mayor.

If you don't already know, Janet's interest in researching possibilities of paranormal activity, opens the door for smears as a space ship kook. So what, I see her interest as much more sophisticated than that. She is intelligent, open minded and inquisitive about absolutely everything. She just never stops thinking, that's what she enjoys!

We would be lucky to have her, hope you'll take a look,