Lake Trail and Lady Slipper Trail combine to give views of the lake, marshland, stream, forest and the mountains. There are many options to create a roundtrip distance suitable to each user. Both start at the parking area of Monte Verde Lake.


Lake Trail – This trail follows the western shoreline of the lake. Going South, opportunities exist to view fishermen, ducks, geese and the remnants of a beaver lodge. Approaching the south end of the lake, users must skirt the marsh area by exiting onto Lakeview Park Drive. Users may walk a short distance east and reenter the Lake Trail after the marsh area, returning to the parking area by following the east shore of the lake and crossing the dam. Another option is to go south on Alpine Lake Way to the trailhead of Lady Slipper Trail.

Lady Slipper Trail – The trail Leaves Alpine Lake Way at the trailhead sign and crosses a culvert into a narrow meadow with a small stream. Continuing on a mowed logging road the trail continues through a marshy area using several bridges then to the National Forest through a patch of woods. Look for wild flowers and grasses, especially the Lady Slipper flower that gave the trail its name.

The trail enters the National Forest through a fence using a people gate, turns to the right and turns left over a small bridge. Signs point to the Overlook or the Big Tree.

The Overlook is reached by following the logging road marked with blue diamonds on the trees. The Overlook has views of a beautiful pasture with cattle and the mountains. Follow the signs and diamonds through a small stretch of woods returning to the logging road. Crossing the main trail leads to the lower loop and eventually rejoins the main trail.

A short loop through the woods goes to the Big Tree, and continues to the logging road. Continue, returning over the initial trail until reaching the lake, returning on the eastern shore back to the parking area.

Round Trip Length of Trails: Lake 1.0M, Lady Slipper 2.75M