Angel Fire Meadow Trails

This series of trails makes use of 3 meadow green belts (Deer, Elk, Bear) connected at the west end by the Coyote Trail and at the east end by the Bobcat Trail. Deer trailhead is behind the Valley Market; Elk and Bear trailheads are off of Bobcat Trail and all go to Coyote Trail. Additional entries are off of Via del Rey. These trails are natural soft surfaced trails are well marked and friendly for hiking, biking, snow-shoeing, and x-country skiing. Alpine wildflowers, aspen, and many varieties of grasses are abundant on all of the trails. Old structures from the ranching days are visible with deer, coyote, elk and an occasional bear or bobcat as visitors at dawn and dusk.

Bobcat Trail provides connection between the Sendero del Sol Trail and the following greenbelt trails. The trail parallels Mountain View Boulevard starting at Frontier Square and intersects Sendero del Sol near South Angel Fire road. The trail is a mixture of old logging roads and natural surface wooded sections. Small ponds, wet areas, and mostly dry stream beds offer additional flora.

Deer Trail starts at the trail head and follows a series of cairns (rock piles) down the center of the meadow, intersects an old logging road which is followed until a sign directs you into the woods. The woods trail is marked with red diamonds on trees and is kept clear of dead fall. Passing through several meadows, the trail intersects Via Del Rey and connects to the Coyote Trail.

Elk & Bear Trails follow old grassy logging roads on the edge of wide meadows. Streams meander down the center of both meadows where cattle ponds and dams are visible. Both trails are easy and the best place to see wildlife at dawn and dusk. The vistas of the ski mountain are also beautiful. Both trails connect Coyote and Bobcat Trails

Coyote Trail starts at the intersection of Via Del Rey with Valle Grande Trail North. The trail is primarily in the woods with mostly gentle grades until leaving the woods at Elk meadow. To continue on Coyote take a right turn till reaching the Coyote sign. At this point you will cross a bridge and again enter the woods. Follow the cairns and red diamonds over moderate ups and downs until reaching several signs and another bridge. The trail splits, but both connect to Bear Trail. Bear Short is the shorter and easier of the alternatives.

One Way Length of Trails: Deer 1.1M, Elk 1.5M, Bear 1.7M, Coyote 1.5M, Bobcat .6M

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