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Angel Fire Home Entertainment

If you live in the Angel Fire NM area then you have several companies that are offering packages which have a combination of communications and entertainment services, but Comcast NM is the leader when it comes to effective and convenient telecommunications combos. Comcast is now offering digital cable TV, telephone services, and broadband Internet services for a one stop Angel Fire telecommunication provider. Telephone service is a new Comcast Angel Fire New Mexico offer and shows how companies can expand to capture a larger subscriber base. Most NM phone companies will send out a monthly bill which includes the number of calls you made as well as the long distance charges.

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Larry Leahy Wins Angel Fire Mayoral Race !

Out with wasteful spending and irresponsible Village administration, in with fiscal responsibility and intelligent Village planning.
More good news on Village Council with Deborah Beauchamp-May and Stewart Hamilton winning new Council seats.
The overwhelming margin Leahy defeated Clanton demonstrates the level of dissatisfaction Angel Fire residents have with current Village administration.

Congratulations and Good Luck !

Larry Leahy – Angel Fire Mayor
Deborah Beauchamp-May – Village Council
Stewart Hamilton – Village Council

For Mayor (total 475 votes)

Larry Leahy   – 337  (71%)
Chuck Howe  – 77   (16%)
Alvin Clanton  – 61   (13%)

For Council

Stewart Hamilton                – 222
Deborah Beauchamp-May – 212
Luther Robinson                 – 174
Al Lott                                 – 173
Bill Conley                          – 111


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Angel Fire Does Great Job of Snow Removal

As the snow season returns we're happy to see the snow plowing and sand crews out in a timely manner.

For at least the past 7 years the Village has done a superb job of snow removal.  Plows have roads cleared, in the entire road system, in just a few hours after new snowfall.

Beginning last year a sanding truck started sanding roads and intersections, greatly improiving driving safety in Angel Fire.


Great Job Guys n  Gals !!! 

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Village of Angel Fire Hires New Town Administrator

Melissa Byrne Vossmer has just been awarded a three-year contract as Town Administrator at $115,000 per year plus nearly $30,000 in annual benefits.

Santa Fe City Manager Asenath Kepler's salary  is also $115,000.

Why would Angel Fire village councelors pay someone the same salary, higher considering the extravagant benefits, with similar, but dramatically smaller, management responsibilities?


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Preserve Our Fire Control Access Trails

Too many new Angel Fire home builders are blocking access to our network of Fire Control Access trails.

A thoughtful generation, probably the LeBus family, built a network of access roads throughout the forest in Angel Fire.  Today they look more like trails than roads, averaging 25 feet wide and completely cleared of trees these trails criss-cross Angel Fire home sites.
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