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Next Generation of Energy Star Computers Offers Over $1 Billion in Energy Savings

(Washington, D.C. – Nov. 6, 2007) Can surfing the web help protect the environment and save you money? Yes, and it is as simple as buying one of the new Energy Star qualified computer products. With over 500 newly qualified product models already on the shelves, there are many options for home and work that will reduce your energy bill and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Salmon Snagging Season at Eagle Nest Lake

Snagging season for kokanee salmon at Heron Lake opens Friday, Nov. 9 and ends Dec. 31. The season opens later at Heron Lake than other northern New Mexico lakes to allow the Department of Game and Fish to gather and fertilize salmon eggs for future stocking.

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Zero Energy Angel Fire Home Design

A Zero Energy Angel Fire Home (ZEH) combines state-of-the-art, energy-efficient construction and appliances with commercially available renewable energy systems, such as solar water heating and solar electricity. The combination results in a home that produces its own energy—as much or more than it needs. Even though the home might be connected to a utility grid, it has net zero energy consumption from the utility provider.

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Angel Fire Passive Solar Home Design

Your home's windows, walls, and floors can be designed to collect, store, and distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter and reject solar heat in the summer. This is called passive solar design or climatic design. Unlike active solar heating systems, passive solar design doesn't involve the use of mechanical and electrical devices, such as pumps, fans, or electrical controls to move the solar heat.

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Angel Fire Log Home Design

Log homes may be site-built or pre-cut in a factory for delivery to the site. Some log home manufacturers can also customize their designs.

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Do-It-Yourself Energy Audits

You can easily conduct a home energy audit yourself. With a simple but diligent walk-through, you can spot many problems in any type of house. When auditing your home, keep a checklist of areas you have inspected and problems you found. This list will help you prioritize your energy efficiency upgrades.

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Wood Heating Your Angel Fire Home

Wood and Pellet Heating

Before the 20th century, 90% of Americans burned wood to heat their homes. As fossil fuel use rose, the percentage of Americans using wood for fuel dropped, falling as low as one percent by 1970. Then during the energy crises of the 1970s, interest in wood heating resurfaced as a renewable energy alternative.

Newer on the scene are pellet fuel appliances, which burn small pellets that look like rabbit feed and measure 3/8 to 1 inch in length. Pellets are made from compacted sawdust, wood chips, bark, agricultural crop waste, waste paper, and other organic materials. Some pellet fuel appliances can burn a wide variety of biomass fuels, including nutshells, corn kernels, small wood chips, barley, beet pulp, sunflowers, dried cherry pits, and soybeans.

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Angel Fire Property Loan Mortgage Lock-Ins

When you’re looking for a mortgage, you’re likely to shop among lenders for the most favorable interest rate, and the lowest points and other up-front charges. When you find the most favorable terms and the lender that you want, you’ll apply to that lender. But when you get to settlement, will you actually receive the terms you applied or bargained for? Or will you find that the rate has changed — and that your costs have gone up?

Lock-ins on rates and points might offer you a way to ensure that what you shop for is what you get. This brochure explains what these arrangements mean.

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Endangered Desert Pupfish found in Research Ponds

Researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) have discovered a population of the endangered desert pupfish (Cyprinodon macularius)in constructed ponds along the southeastern shore of the Salton Sea, in south-central California. Preliminary estimates of more than 1,000 pupfish will need to be evaluated by a detailed survey that will be conducted as soon as the appropriate permits are obtained. Dr. Douglas Barnum, scientist with the USGS Salton Sea Science Office, called the discovery a “scientific windfall” that will provide a unique opportunity to learn more about this endangered species. Dr. Michael Saiki, fisheries biologist with the USGS Western Fisheries Research Center's Dixon Duty Station noted, “What's significant about this discovery is the large number of pupfish we are seeing!”

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Improving Angel Fire Mortgage Disclosures

The Federal Trade Commission today released a Bureau of Economics report presenting the results of a study that found that mortgage disclosure forms fail to convey key mortgage costs and terms to many consumers. The study also concluded that better disclosures can be created to help consumers understand the costs and terms of mortgages to enable them to make informed decisions about mortgage products.

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