The AAFPO Board Members elections are almost upon us.  There are six nominees for the four open positions. 

Members in good standing (dues paid) will be receiving ballots and bios in the near future. The board, in an effort to increase the number of votes cast has voted to award, to one lucky voter, an amount equal to one base membership, IF we receive enough votes to establish a plurality of voters.   That number is slightly less than 1000.  With approximately 5000 lots in the resort we should easily reach that goal. If we do there will be a drawing from among the votes cast for the winner.

The annual meeting has been set for June 23rd. This will be the last day that members will be allowed to vote for Board Members. If you wish to vote in person you will need to check with Maren at the membership office or attend the annual meeting to receive your ballot.

AFFPO Board Candidates

Lovelle Upton

Having owned property in Angel Fire for six years, and being a semipermanent resident (8 to 10 months/year) for the last three years, I feel that I have a pretty good handle on the relationship between the property owners and the Resort. As a Platinum member, I have had an opportunity to avail myself of most of the amenities of the Resort. Having retired from a career that included both Corporate and Entrepreneurial experience, I feel that I have acquired organizational, analytical, and procedural skills that would apply to this position. Also valuable is my experience of being a 20-year property owner in another resort. Growth (probably explosive) is definitely in our future. Rapid growth in both my business background and my previous resort ownership experience prepares me to contribute to decisions that are just around the corner for this Board. My pledge is diligence and fairness in the way that I would approach the responsibilities of this position. Thank you for your consideration.

Consuelo Howe
I am a native New Mexican and full-time resident of Angel Fire. I am running for the AAFPO Board in order to serve our community.  I believe that AAFPO can be an effective mechanism to represent the interests of the Membership at large. Clearly the relationship between the Resort, AAFPO and Village is symbiotic and the prosperity of each is dependent on the other. I would like to represent the membership by being an active participant in that process.

Charles Verry
My wife Carol and I have been Angel Fire property owners since 2001 and permanent residents as of September 2005. We moved here from Longview, TX where we raised our four daughters while owning and operating an industrial engineering firm for twenty years.  We presently own and run the local auto parts store. As a local business and property owner, I am committed to seeing Angel Fire grow in the proper direction. I feel that one of the most important factors facing property owners is the development of a healthy relationship with the Resort. If elected, I will strive to best represent property owners in a professional manner, always listening to, and open to input from all AAFPO members. Our strength is in our numbers and unity and can best be realized by representatives that are committed and willing to listen to all Members. I hope to become one of those representatives.

Barry Rogers

Having been appointed and served on the AAFPO board since Fall of ’06, I would like to be able to continue to promote amicable and open communication between the property owners and the Resort.  Previous management experience that I feel will enhance my contribution to the Board includes 30 years in Human Resources and Training, having served as Director of Human Resources for a major engineering company, responsible for 5 locations and over 4,000 employees, with major emphasis on employee relations, mediation and implementation of corporate human resource policies. In addition, I have served as a Member of a facility siting task force working with companies to select suitable manufacturing sites for new plants. This involved evaluating criteria such as available labor sources, infrastructure, and political climate. My wife Wanda and I are full-time residents in Angel Fire, consequently, if elected I will strive to be open to the concerns of the property owners and be your voice on the Board.

Joan H. Ronchetti

I am a full-time resident of Angel Fire, with over 25 years of committee and board experience.  Most notably working as the chair of several fund raisers for charitable causes such as Hospice. Previously residing in Ojai, CA, I was elected and served on the Home Owners Association Board. I was the Business Manager of a nonprofit organization responsible for administering a budget of several million dollars, with 25 employees and oversaw multi-church properties.  As the Business Manager I managed a million dollar renovation of the church which was completed on schedule and under budget. I also have over 5 years of experience serving on school boards in Florida and Texas. I also have experienced owning a small business specializing in art and framing. If elected I hope to keep the future growth of the community well managed and inline with the expansion of the Village. My primary concern will be to safeguard the financial integrity of the homeowners and to keep their interests at the forefront of all decisions. I am the wife of Sal Ronchetti and the mother of five grown children, including Albuquerque’s own Channel 13 Chief Meteorologist, Mark Ronchetti.

Linda Libbey

I have served on the AAFPO Board in the past, and wish to bring that historical knowledge & any useful information from my many professional endeavors for use by the resort community. My master’s degree is in Education, and I have worked as a high school teacher, and ski school assistant director. My time as Village Planning & Zoning Director gave me a broad knowledge of the local ordinances and covenants. I am licensed as a Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Appraiser. I have owned and lived full-time in Angel Fire since 1990, before that I lived in Taos for 20 years.