1.  The AAFPO Board regrets the recent resignation of two of its 9 members; Curtis Jones, President, and Martha Lassetter, Secretary.  Martha and Curtis have served the membership well and we on the Board are grateful for their hard work and commitment to improving our Resort amenities and securing a quality of life that is unmatched in “fun factor” and value!
2.  As AAFPO Board Vice-President, Karen Nichols has assumed the duties of the President until such time that the remaining Board of Directors can identify and select two AAFPO members in good standing to serve out the term of these vacancies.  Selection of resignation replacements does not require a vote of the General Membership.
3.  Once the full 9-member Board is restored, designated Officer positions will be elected; these include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.   While only the President and Secretary positions are currently vacant, the Board may elect to those positions a current officer, which would require the Board to also elect someone to fill any vacant position created by that action.  This may also result in the need to reassign the duties of one or more of the remaining Director positions, of which there are five. The Board is working to restore the full 9-member Board before the next regularly-scheduled Special Meeting, October 11, 2006.
4.  To the membership at large Ms Nichols wants you to know “Your Board is able to continue their duties on your behalf.  They are working together to clarify governing documents and to select replacements for these two vacancies”.
5.  The Board could use help from the general membership.  If you are an AAFPO member in good standing (membership dues paid in full) and are willing to serve on the Board, or know of someone who is, please contact any member of the Board or Karen Nichols at 505-377-1469. 

Karen Nichols

Acting President, AAFPO Board