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Angel Fire Property Owners BlogAngel Fire Ski ResortA virtual meeting place where Angel Fire New Mexico property owners and residents of Angel Fire share ideas and information.

Angel Fire Resort, being a New Mexico Ski Resort, has many non-resident property owners.  As a public service to the community and out of state property owners this site was created to keep out of town and out of state property owners in touch with Resort amenities improvements, village government agendas and area recreational activity schedules.

Local newspapers, dependent on Resort and local business advertising revenue, seem unable or unwilling to provide an interactive venue for Angel Fire Resort property owners and Angel Fire residents to post their own ideas and opinions on Angel Fire Village government decisions and Angel Fire Resort amenities maintenance and enhancements.

Authentic Navajo Rugs at Taos Tading PostNew Mexico SkiingThe Village Blog section of the site is open to posting ideas, opinions and information relating to Village of Angel Fire government.  Free registration is required.

The Resort Blog is open to posting by registered members, preferable Angel Fire Resort property owners, of their ideas, suggestions, opinions and information relating to Resort amenities.

The AAFPO  Blog will be for information about the Association of Angel Fire Property Owners Board of Directors.  Posts for meeting schedules, agendas and items of interest member’s have and would like expressed to the board officers and board members.


In the Events Calendar we will list upcoming area recreational activities, Village council meetings, Association of Angel Fire Resort Property Owners board meetings.  Please email any events you would like to contribute using our Contact Us link.

Our Angel Fire Blogs are where registered members can post Bulletin Board style notices, discuss Village and Resort agendas and post miscellaneous items of interest to the community.

Angel Fire SkiingA Angel Fire Photo Gallery is provided to share images of our beautiful community.  Wildlife photos, Fishing photos, Skiing photos, Hiking photos, Angel Fire Golf photos, Resort amenities in need of repair or perhaps photos of safety concern to the Village or Resort.

A Fishing Blog where residents and visitors can post their fishing experiences on local streams and lakes.

A Angel Fire Skiing Blog for sharing of ideas and opinions on the Ski Resort or post ski reports.

A Golf Blog where our golfers can discuss Resort Golf Course conditions.

Remember, this is a community supported site!  You can post blog news and questions.  You can discuss community agendas in the Forums.  You can post your photos to the Gallery.  Just fill out the Contact form in the left navigation menu.  Submit your request in the Contact form.  Your request will be promptly approved and you’ll be free to share your thoughts, ideas and opinions with all Angel Fire property owners and residents.

Please email any questions or suggestions for additions to the site using the Contact Us link.

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Winter Mountain Driving Tips

Car Condition - Winter Travel

  • Keep a FULL tank of gas in your car.
  • Make sure you have good tires.
  • Get a mechanic to do a winter check.
  • Make sure they look at your: battery, antifreeze, wipers, windshield fluid, ignition system, thermostat, lights, heater, brakes, defroster and oil.
  • Keep an ice scraper handy and a small broom if your area is expecting snow.

Always Carry in Your Car

  • Butane lighter and or matches.
  • Flashlight and batteries.
  • Small tool kit.
  • Booster cables.
  • Bottled water.
  • Snack bars.
  • Small shovel.
  • Snow Chains.
  • Tow Strap.
  • Small bag of sand to use as traction under your tires.

Trapped in a Snow Storm

  • Stay in the car.
  • Only leave the car if help is visible within 100 yards.
  • Display a brightly colored cloth or other sign of trouble outside your car.
  • Turn on the car’s engine for about 10 minutes each hour. Run the heater and turn on the inside light when the car is running to help keep warm.
  • Beware of carbon monoxide poisoning. Clear the exhaust pipe of snow and if necessary open a downwind window for air.
  • Watch for signs of hypothermia. That includes loss of feeling and pale color in the skin.
  • To keep warm, do exercises, huddle together and use newspapers, maps and even inside car mats.


  • Wear loose fitting, layered, light-weight clothes.
  • Layers can be pulled off to prevent perspiration which can quickly turn cold near the body.
  • Cover your mouth. That protects your lungs.
  • Keep dry.

Winter Driving Tips

  • Do so only during the daytime.
  • Check the news or call friends for an idea of what shape the roads are in ahead of you.
  • If going on a long trip, check the weather for your destination and places along the way.
  • It could save frustration and even time to wait. Plows could clear roads and sunlight may melt ice.


  • Seek immediate help if at all possible.
  • Slowly warm the person’s body, starting with their trunk.
  • Warm up arms and legs last because stimulation of the limbs could send cold blood to the heart and cause heart failure.
  • Put the person in dry clothing and wrap their whole body with a blanket if possible.
  • Use your own body to warm them.
  • Do not give them anything with caffeine or alcohol in it. Caffeine speeds up the heart and can intensify the effects of cold weather. Alcohol slows down the heart and therefore also speeds up some effects of cold weather.

Angel Fire Golfers Plague Risks ????

Plague once struck mortal fear in humans, but it's a thing of the past, right? Not so, according to research published in a special issue of the journal Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases, which focused solely on plague.

Angel Fire Hiking at Wild Rivers on the Rio Grande

Wild Rivers Recreation Area has been set aside to allow visitors to experience the beauty of two national Wild and Scenic Rivers protected by Congress. Here the Rio Grande and Red River are preserved in their natural, free-flowing state for present and future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

Orilla Verde Fly Fishing

Orilla Verde Recreation Area is nestled along the banks of the Rio Grande, within the steep-walled Rio Grande Gorge. The local terrain is comprised of rugged, wide open mesas and chiseled steep canyons.  The elevation along the river is 6,100 feet and rises 800 feet at the gorge rim. The Taos Valley Overlook offers stunning and breathtaking views of the Rio Grande Gorge and Sangre de Cristo Mountains from the mesa top above the river.

Spring Window Cleaning

It is about that time of year again, weather is in the 60’s and the snow is only left under the shade trees. I didn’t send an email last year, because we got busy so early in the season, but then people wondered if we were still...

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Angel Fire Wildfire Protection Plan Recommendation

Angel Fire Village – Voluntary Dead Diseased and Down policy

Continue to Educate the Public on Fire Mitigation, Home Ignition Zone/Defensible Space, and encourage a Dead Diseased and Down Village policy. This same Dead Diseased and Down policy applies to all undeveloped lots, including those acquired in the future.

 The below 9-7-13 Fuel Modification Feb 2014 Version (with mark ups) applies as Angel Fire Village Ordinance but to ‘New Construction’ only.

This policy is recommended to current residents, but the decision is made by the property owner. Property owners following the below modifications (with mark ups)will be eligible for a ‘Healthy Forest Certificate’.

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